Sunday, 1 April 2012

Production Schedule

Here is our Production Schedule in which our group had made, we had to have schedule of our production such as the location of lighting we need on that day, also the location on the day. This was so that we knew what we needed as a group of what day we need to film, what props we needed and also the camera equipment we needed in order to film on a specific day. I think the production schedule proved successful as a group it made us organized so that everything we did ran smoothly because of this and that we all knew as a group what we was doing by this schedule.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Media Evaluation Video

Here is our media evaluation, we had edited this using final cut express using what we had learnt from tutorials and also learning ourselfs how to use it and it's features. We have done this video to explain more in depth and also in a visual way as evaluation on scribd is only writting and images on slides.

Media Product Audience Review

This is another video which we also used final cut express to use so we could edit it. We used Amber as she had watched our film and was giving us a review of what she liked and thought about our media product.We done this video so we could show in a visual way what Amber thought of our media product, this could tell us if we did this successfully or not.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Our Finsished Media Product, Film Opening Wrong direction

This video is our final media product of our film opening, as you can see from a previous post we had a draft in which had mistakes.

We had done a draft to show what we have done so far and also what we needed to improved, from our draft to the our final media product we have improved atlot such as the audio, the audio with the video was out of sync but since then we had fixed this by moving the audio bar on final cut to where it need to be so it was in sync. Another improve was the use of camera work as some of the camera shots did not make sense and also the storyline. The draft showed Dean lost but this happened to quick and we also needed something to show he was lost so we showed Deans phone on the ground to show he was lost. And finally another improvement we did was when Mathrew and Daniel have the camera shot of first person but we needed to show how Mathrew and Daniel have the camera so in the final video of our film opening we had done these improves by going back to the location and filming these shots that we needed so that our film opening made sense.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Creating The production Intro and Wrong direction Picture

At home I had created the Production Intro for our media film opening, I also created the wrong direction picture at the end. The Production intro was made in a sophisticated software called 'Adobe After Effects', It proved changeling but looking at tutorials and also the skills I had learnt from editing I had managed to piece together a Introduction to our film opening. I think overall the intro I had made was good but could be improved by having the colors more dark so it fit's in with our genre, I felt disappointed that I couldn't do this but the trial of 'Adobe After Effects' had ended and I also needed to upload the overall video so time was not on our side unfortunately.

The wrong direction Picture at the end of our media opening was made in a software or programme if you like called ' Adobe Photoshop CS5' I had made this in my own time and also felt that the overall product of the image was good but again time wasn't on our side in which I think if I had put more time into it I could of made it more better.

Programmes I had used:

Print screen shots of the two projects in the work

 Here we have the production intro in adobe after effects being made

Here is the Picture being made in Adobe Photoshop 

Friday, 10 February 2012

Location Scouting

As you can see From the pictures we had time to go location scouting in which we found suitable to film our horror opening. We found it suitable as it has tall trees in which it creates tension as you never know what can come out of the trees and also feel enclosed and feel small, another reason we found the location suitable is that it was out the way of the suburbs meaning their wasn't any sign of houses which played a part in our plot as they are lost so their shouldn't be any houses in the camera's views as that will defeat objective of the plot, if their was houses in the camera's view or the audiences view then when it comes to the group being lost then their not really lost when they could just follow where their houses are. The trees proved useful for us as we had planned to get a bird eye view shot so that when the camera is facing down on them it gives the audience a feel that they are small and vulnerable meaning that they could be exposed to an attack by anything.